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University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, 3rd Edition,

Ischemic Optic Neuropathy

Electronic Publications

Discussion forums and Usenet resources

Phacoemulsification Technique - Animated (2.5 MB Quicktime .mov)

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implantation. (2.0 MB Quicktime .mov)

Animation Gallery Ciba

Eye Diseases, major discoveries from the Molecular Ophthalmology Lab, University of Iowa.

American Academy of ophthalmology

Clinical Cases at Wills Eye Hospital

Grand rounds at Harvard

Digital Journal of Ophthalmology


Glaucoma links

Ophthalmic Image Files

Ophthalmic images

On-line atlas of ophthalmic photos, topography, fluoro movies, and visual field diagrams

Karolinska Institute

MedMark - Ophthalmology

Professional Societies and Associations:



Health 1

Doctor's Guide to The Internet

Doctor Net Commercial

Eye News

Health Web







EyeMax - Ocular Diseases
A comprehensive collection of Internet links to common eye diseases and eye conditions.

New York Univeristy, Department of Opthalmology - Digital Opthalmic Slide Collection

University of Utah - WbPath
Offered by the WebPath service of the University of Utah, this site contains a large collection of images
demonstrating ophthalmic pathology.