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Neal Chamberlain's microbiology and infectious diseases
Baron's medical microbiology text book.
Microbiology Lecture notes
Virology leccture notes
Infectious diseases web links
Microbiology animations

Introduction to Tuberculosis
WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme.
Project T.B
Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis Resources. New York City Department of Health
Pathology of Tuberculosis
Microbiology pictures
Parasitology sites

Antibiotic Guide Medical College of Wisconsin
Empiric antibiotic therapy guidelines Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Web Newsletter
Antiviral Agents Bulletin Biotechnology Information Institute
Extoxnet Toxicology and environmental chemistry inf o on pesticides.
World Federation for Culture Collections World Data Centre for Microorganisms
List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature The official nomenclature of bacteria
British type culture collection guide
Addressing emerging infectious disease threats: a prevention strategy for the United States (CDC)
EMC (Emerging and other Communicable Diseases, WHO reports)
All the virology on the web
Emerging and re-emerging viruses: an essay.
Virus Outbreak World Health Organization viral outbreak information.
Outbreak. A site for emerging    Free registeration Listserv available
The E. coli Index University of Birmingham
Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins US FDA "The bad bug book"
AIDS Gopher The National Institutes of Health
Global Programme on AIDS WHO
CDC Hospital Infection Control Information
The Epidemiology and Prevention Interventions Center (UCSF USA) post HIV-exposure prophylaxis protocol
Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization (GPV). WHO
Immunization Action Coalition




Karolinska Institute

All the Virology on the WWW

MedWeb Plus

Internet Microbiology & Infectious Disease Resources

Parasitological URLs

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MedMark - Infectious Diseases

WWW Virtual Library: Microbiology and Virology

WWW Virtual Library

CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse HIV/AIDS and STD resources

Tuberculosis Internet Resources