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Medical students ICQ list

Student to student  Medical web page. Info on USMLE, online chapters, bulletin boards.

Medical student cooperative   This web-site is completely dedicated to helping medical students
successfully navigate the many hurdles faced during the several years that comprise the medical
school experience.

The interactive Medical student lounge The Interactive Medical Student Lounge (IMSL) is a worldwide free area for
Dental, Medical, Osteopathic, and Pre-med students, with information about Doctors, Interns & Residents.

Evidence based medicine

Instructions to authors

Atlases and online texts

Medical Study guides These Study Guides are outlines of classes in the basic medical sciences, designed to help you review for the USMLE Step I, or study for exams in the basic sciences.

Medical is a digital library of authoritative medical information for all students of medicine
      Medical Textbooks | Patient SimulationsContinuing Education and Board ExamsInternet Medical Directories

Medical School survival page

Medical Study links

Case studies