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How to find information on the WWW. Search engine tutorial      

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NIH Web Search - Enter words or phrases, separated by commas:

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Super Search queries up to four databases at the same time and reports the results of your
search on a single page.

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journals with online content

Medical search engines

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Enter Keywords (Up to three (3) keywords):

Search all of MedExplorer 
Search Tips

Use Terms Like "Emergency Physician",
avoid "and", "or"


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Health On the Net Foundation
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And Or Adj Free

Medical Document Finder

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Enter a Medical or Health Keyword :

(Examples: cancer, acupuncture, aids, anatomy, histology, geriatrics, etc)

Tip: For multiple keyword search, type: word1 word2. For example, brain cancer

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Go for HELP or SEARCH with more options.


Drug Search

This Powerful utility allows you to search through all the RxList monographs for brand or generic names, symptoms, side effects, or drug interactions, in just a few seconds! Boolean (and,or) searches are supported as well as not. (ampi*; ampi* not amox* ; headache and bleed*; capsule or inject; sulfa* not Septra; cardiac or hepatic; etc.)*

Keyword Search of the RxList Site using Swish-E

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